Welcome to Our Coast, Our Future

Understand, visualize, and adapt to sea level rise, coastal storms, and erosion hazards.
WHAT’S NEW? Updated website, new mapping user interface, new groundwater data

NEW: Rising groundwater tables

The hidden hazard beneath our feet.

Consider coastal storms in planning

Coastal storms can increase water levels on the West Coast by an additional 6 feet.

Nature-based solutions

Wetlands, beaches, and hybrid measures provide multi-benefit adaptation solutions.

Trusted science to support decision making

The USGS Coastal Storm Modeling System is cutting edge, peer reviewed, and has been used by over 100 local, state, and federal organizations for sea level rise adaptation planning.

Planning for and Adapting to Changing Coastal Climate

Climate change is increasing sea levels, altering the frequency and intensity of coastal flooding and erosion in many regions of the California coast. To prepare communities and ecosystems, managers and planners need locally relevant tools that help them understand vulnerabilities and plan for action. Our Coast, Our Future (OCOF) is a collaborative, user-driven tool providing coastal California resource managers and land use planners with resources to understand, visualize, and adapt to sea level rise and coastal storms. It is the platform for data visualization, synthesis, and download of all output products from the USGS Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS).


Learn more about the the tool and how to use it effectively, the development team at Point Blue and USGS, and the many partners that make OCOF possible.

Hazard Map

Explore the potential for flooding, coastal erosion, and rising groundwater hazards in your area.

Case Studies

Find out who is using OCOF near you to plan for and adapt to coastal climate change hazards.

Science & Modeling

Learn about the latest sea level rise projections, explore technical details of the underlying USGS Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS), and how to download geospatial data.

Photo Credits: (1) Pfeiffer Beach by Robert Brett, (2) Soil Science Society of America, (3) Limantour Beach © Cris Benton (used with permission), (4) Panorama from above Salt Pond A21 © Cris Benton (used with permission), (5) Sunset in California Ocean from fshoq.com. Unless otherwise noted, photos are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.